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IES Interactive Training Launches Milo Range Pro

The MILO Range Pro training system offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive Use-of-Force and Firearms training. Included with the system are over 250 ready-to-train scenarios, the MILO Course Designer scenario-authoring software, and an extensive library of interactive graphics based firearms drills and exercises. The MILO Range Pro system comes out of the box ready to help any size law enforcement agency meet their training objectives. A full warranty and an on-site train-the-trainer course is included.

The MILO Range Pro system comes with the most advanced set of training features available today including:

True High Definition Video
5.1 Surround Sound
Interactive graphics exercises
Support up to 16 simultaneous individually detected untethered weapons

About IES Interactive Training

IES Interactive training provides exceptional simulation training products and services to law enforcement, security and public safety agencies throughout the United States and the world. For over a decade, IES has been proud to serve public safety agencies in all disciplines. We aim to continue that effort by constantly improving our product’s capabilities and quality while exceeding the level of support our customers need and deserve.

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