View from the cop: Some offenders violate laws of common sense

By Steve Rose, Special to the Journal-Constitution 
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ATLANTA — On a recent Wednesday, around 6:30 p.m., at the QT store on Roswell Road, Officer Caudell spotted a man sitting in a car, drinking a can of beer.

One law says you can't have an open container in the car, and another law, the law of common sense, says that if you do violate the first law, do it discreetly if a police car is nearby.

The driver, Robert Ratterree, 30, of Flowery Branch, violated both laws.

Officer Caudell is a newcomer who came to us from the Hall County Sheriff's Department, which is where Flowery Branch is located. The officer recognized Robert as the same Robert he arrested a couple of times before in Hall County for DUI. Robert, when asked, said he was not Robert but in fact Cody.

Officer Caudell then reminded Robert/Cody that he had arrested him before in Hall County. Robert finally told him he used his brother's name because he had a couple of warrants out on him, which he did, and didn't want to go to jail, which he did.

I stopped a guy once who dropped my name on me. He asked me if I knew Steve Rose and I said that I most certainly did and he was an outstanding guy. He said he was friends with Steve and wanted to know if I would give him a break. I said I would if he would just give Steve a call and have him get back to me.

He said he misplaced his number.

I told him I'd be happy to call him on the radio if he liked. He looked like he didn't really want me to do that.

Then I politely leaned over a bit so he could clearly read my name tag on my uniform.

He said, "Where do I sign?"

Signs you need to stop watching 'CSI'

An officer was called to Hollyfax Circle on a fight call resulting from dog poop. The dog pooped and the poop was scooped and then the man walked away.

A woman came out and accused the man's dog of pooping on her doorstep on a previous pooping occasion. Then, according to the man, she poked him on the cheek with her finger and fingernail, causing an abrasion.

The woman, after poking the man, was said to have grabbed the bag of poop and walked over to the other crime scene and compared it with the poop on the doorstep. The man then regained possession of the bag of poop and walked away, calling the police a short time later.

The officer in this report used the words "poop" and "pooping" a total of nine times. This beats the old record of using the word "poop" or "pooping" seven times back in 2003.

Troubles at home

A man said that while he was in jail, his girlfriend took his living room furniture and slashed two of his tires. She then called him and laughed at him.

He was in jail for domestic violence.)

Shoppers, beware

Our grocery-store thieves are making a return. They have hit the Kroger at 227 Sandy Springs Place and the Publix at Roswell and Abernathy recently.

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