Triple murder-suicide in Texas leaves one deputy wounded

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On June 30th, 2006 at approximately 03:20 hours, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to 2646 North Broadway (North China Road), China, Jefferson County, Texas in reference to a disturbance. A 911 call was made from the 2646 Broadway and from a nearby residence where a 13-year-old juvenile had ran to call the Sheriff's Office.

Upon arrival, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy appears to have been confronted by an armed male subject at the front door area of the residence. It appears from the investigation and evidence collected at the scene, the male subject discharged the firearm striking the Deputy in the left side of his shoulder and arm when the Deputy approached the front door area. The Deputy returned fire several times. The Deputy managed to get to his patrol unit even though his wound was serious but his keys to his vehicle had came off his duty belt during the shooting incident at the front door. The Deputy then used his baton to break the drivers side window to gain access to his rifle and while doing this call other Deputies and EMS for assistance.

A Patrol supervisor and two other Deputies arrived on the scene and began to administer first aid to Deputy’s wounds. One Deputy stayed with the wounded Deputy and the Patrol Supervisor and another Deputy entered the house to secure the scene. Once Deputies entered the residence they discovered the male subject identified as Richard Jennings 11-16-53 deceased in the front door entry from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. ...

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