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FDNY Adds Interoperability Technology with New Mobile Incident Command Center from LDV, Inc.

NEW YORK CITY - A customized Mobile Incident Command Unit built by LDV, Inc., has been delivered to the New York City Fire Department. According to Deputy Assistant Chief James Manahan, the new command unit will be augmenting their existing mobile command as a planning center. The vehicle will be used by FDNY's Type 2 Incident Management Team, deployed inside the city as well as special situations outside the city.

"We sure could have used it last year when hurricane Katrina struck," Manahan said. "We were there with only one vehicle and the planning center would have greatly enhanced our capabilities."

The new unit has more planning features in addition to critical interoperability options. A large format plotter has been installed in the rear work area of the command center capable of downloading and printed large-scale detailed maps and blueprints of areas from specific buildings, city blocks or topographical maps. This will aid the firefighters to quickly locate and rescue people This unit was fully funded by a Federal Homeland Security Grant. " After two and one half years of committee meetings and deign changes, the vehicle that was produced has far exceeded our expectations," Manahan said.

The unit is powered by a Freightliner MT-55 with a Cummins ISB-02 260-hp turbo-charged diesel engine, an Allison 2500 EVS automatic transmission and has a 30,000 pound GVWR. The 30-foot load space body is constructed of .125" aluminum and a NFPA welded tread-plate roof.

The command post has a 78-inch high by 140-inch long by 30-inch deep slide-out area located forward of the rear axle. It is constructed of heavy-duty tubular aluminum with welded joints for superior strength, and has a weather tight seal without the use of an additional awning.

Other features in this vehicle include:

  • Five interior work stations
  • 20kW 120/240VAC liquid-cooled diesel generator
  • Automatic mobile digital satellite system with dual low noise block down converter
  • CAT6 computer network
  • Numerous land, cellular and radio phones
  • Multiple VHF, UHF and 800 MHz radios
  • 26-inch, high-resolution LCD television featuring wide viewing angles
  • Heavy-duty, one-touch automatic leveling system
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