Sypherlink to Provide Integration Toolkit for FBI's Law Enforcement N-DEx Initiative

Company also adds product development chief with decades in law-enforcement IT

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DUBLIN, Ohio  — Information-management-software company Sypherlink, Inc., will provide the toolkit that enables state and local law-enforcement agencies to quickly and cost-effectively participate in the FBI's national data exchange (N-DEx) initiative to improve the efficiency of criminal investigations across jurisdictional boundaries.

"Sypherlink's 'agency integration toolkit' will help minimize the burden and cost of N-DEx participation for law-enforcement agencies" said Rehan Chawdry, Sypherlink's national security practice leader, who is responsible for ensuring that the company's solutions fully support the unique requirements of government agencies and evolving national data-sharing standards. "Agencies will be able to easily and economically map, contribute and share data derived from incident, arrest and event reports in the required N-DEx format," he said.

Sypherlink CEO James Paat noted that Raytheon, Co. [NYSE: RTN] was awarded the N-DEx system development and implementation project by the Bureau's Criminal Justice Information Services division (CJIS) earlier this year and included Sypherlink's technology within its solution.

"The agency integration toolkit will streamline the traditionally manual, resource-intensive and costly process of understanding what data exist and how data relate across disparate information sources," said Paat, who explained that the toolkit is based on Sypherlink's patented, heuristics matching technology, which automates the data discovery and mapping process.

"Sypherlink's technology will not only accelerate the ability for agencies to contribute data to the N-DEx effort, but will promote the reuse of data mappings and help ensure ongoing conformance with rapidly changing information-exchange standards, such as the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)," he said.

"N-DEx is being built on the foundation of local law-enforcement records systems," added Chawdry. "It will complement and expand local, state or regional information-sharing systems, using a model of incident data aggregation that did not previously exist on a national scale," he said. "While still serving agencies that desire to provide their data directly to N-DEx, the initiative will enable law-enforcement agencies to collaborate with one another on cases of mutual interest, by connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated criminal incidents."

About N-DEx

N-DEx, part of the FBI's National Information Sharing Strategy, is a criminal justice information sharing system that will provide nationwide connectivity to disparate local, state, tribal and federal systems for the exchange of information. Law-enforcement agencies will have a powerful new investigative tool to search, link, analyze, and share information, such as incident and case reports, on a national basis to a degree never before possible. The initiative is an important collaboration with the CJIS Advisory Policy Board, which includes representatives from criminal justice agencies throughout the nation, including national security. Furthermore, representing the leadership of the nation's law- enforcement community, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Major Cities Chiefs of Police, the National Sheriffs' Association, and the Major County Sheriffs' Association have worked closely with the FBI and DOJ in the planning and requirements for N-DEx.

About Sypherlink, Inc.

Sypherlink is an information-management-software company that intelligently links critical information across disparate data sources. In May 2007 the company introduced its National Information Exchange (NIE) Gateway solution for accelerating and enriching government data-sharing and intelligence efforts. With unique technology, pre-built interfaces to such rich information sources as D&B and Acxiom Risk Mitigation, and conformance to NIEM, Sypherlink has put together a complete infrastructure to jump-start U.S. integrated criminal justice data-exchange efforts. The company was founded in 2001. For more information about Sypherlink, go towww.sypherlink.com.

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