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Crime fighting public education campaign begins in Mississippi

Ads encourage addressing crime as an issue and getting tough on crime!


Today is the commencement of LEAA's public education TV ads aimed at Mississippi's crime problem and efforts to combat it. LEAA praises those who have chosen to address the crime issue with a practical, real-world, effective approach and encourages the public to voice its feelings on the important issues related to crime that is of such great concern.

LEAA is the nation's largest coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims and concerned citizens. For more than 15 years, LEAA has worked to promote common sense, tough-on-crime criminal justice policy at all levels of government. LEAA -- through many outreach efforts -- is actively involved in issues related to crime, justice and education regarding the need for meaningful criminal justice reform, including keeping criminals behind bars.

Retired police officer and LEAA Executive Director James J. Fotis remarked, "LEAA's members in Mississippi represent active and retired law enforcement officers from different law enforcement agencies as well as concerned citizens for whom concerns about crime continue to be one of their top priorities. LEAA and its Members are proud to share the common sense message of getting tough on crime while protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens and law enforcement professionals alike."

Fotis added that as a non-partisan, non-profit police based organization that also supports victims' rights, LEAA plays an important role in providing information to the public about a wide range of judicial and crime issues. Fotis predicts, "Some politicians and other opinion leaders will likely object to LEAA's exercise of free speech; they may try to redirect focus away from our message and instead play 'gotcha-games' and attack the messenger."

But the facts don't lie and LEAA will proudly remind the public of truths; including the fact that crime -- and what to do about it -- continues to be a consistent, top-tier, personally important concern for most citizens. LEAA values its role in helping Mississippi keep criminals behind bars.

LEAA receives no taxpayer funding and protects the privacy of its members and supporters (including those who are crime victims or law enforcement). LEAA has been recognized as a national leader in defending tough on crime public policy, ranging from the death penalty to three strikes, as well as supporting the right of law abiding Americans to own firearms and defend themselves and their families. For information about LEAA, visit its web site at www.leaa.org.

With a demonstrated track record spanning more than 15 years and with over 75,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Law Enforcement Alliance of America, Inc., (LEAA) is the nation's largest coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims, and concerned citizens dedicated to making America safer.

Source: Law Enforcement Alliance of America

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