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Gould & Goodrich is Awarded Several Major Contracts

Gould & Goodrich gets a late season boost in sales by being awarded several major contracts. The Company will be manufacturing 5000 Taser holsters for the Pennsylvania State Police; this agency is already using the Company’s Leather and Phoenix Nylon duty gear. A contract for 2000 custom tactical equipment cases for U.S. military use has recently been received.  A large private security company that will be providing security services at certain U. S. military installations has selected 2000 Gould & Goodrich Phoenix Duty Nylon triple retention duty holster model X341 and accompanying accessories.

As a world class manufacturer, Gould & Goodrich representatives have just returned from exhibiting at Milipol Paris 2007, the 15th Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security.  The Company’s innovative and high quality products were well received and the Company has been invited to make product proposals in several European and Eastern European countries.

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