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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: 12.21.07

California: Sheriff's gang officer killed in south Sacramento shooting. Sheriff's Detective Vu Nguyen, 37, died Wednesday evening from a bullet wound to neck. Nguyen was leaping backyard fences in pursuit of a young man in a puffy camouflage jacket when his partner heard shots ring out just after 2 p.m.

Related: Sacramento police arrest 16-year-old suspected of killing sheriff's deputy

Related: Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Death for Deputy Vu Nguyen

Texas: Cop is killed at firing range. Corpus Christi police to handle the investigation. he and another officer were sighting in a rifle, the port's police chief said.

Maryland: A Smithsburg Police Department officer was shot and killed Wednesday night while responding to a domestic disturbance, according to Smithsburg Police Chief Charles R. Stanford.

Colorado: Man killed by officer had pulled out a silver lighter

Florida: Tear gas ends 4-hour standoff.

Arizona: A Mesa police SWAT unit used tear gas to get a burglary suspect out of a house where he was hiding Tuesday.

Memphis: Personnel File of the Memphis Police Officer who shot and killed an 18 year-old man  

Related: West Memphis Police Officer Erik Sammis Resigns. Sammis has been under fire since he shot and killed a 12 year-old boy in June 2007.

Colorado: Tuesday afternoon, Denver police commanders congratulated Officer William Hunter on his 35-year career and his impending retirement from the force Friday. Wednesday, some of those same commanders were comforting Hunter's family at the hospital as the veteran officer struggled to survive after his patrol car mysteriously crashed.

California: Danger under the hood? Product shot of the "masked hoodie". Capo Unified School District officials ban 'mask' sweat shirts, saying the trendy garments could allow students to conceal their identity.

Los Angeles: Report faults internal affairs' shooting probes

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