Top 10 P1 member comments of 2007

PoliceOne members have plenty to say in response to our news stories, tips and articles. Here are a few of the most memorable comments from the past year:

  1. Revenge ain't so sweet when your butt's sitting in jail.
    — Written in response to a S.C. woman crashing ex-boyfriend's patrol car as revenge for breaking up with her.

  2. Chased into the woods by a Chihuahua, egad!
    — Written in response to a Calif. news story of a fugitive who was nabbed by a three-pound dog.

  3. All cops should carry off duty for incidents like this one. At the very least to protect themselves and family from thugs that may hold a grudge against us for doing our job.
    — Member comment in response to the Omaha mall shooting rampage.

  4. The problem will be dealt with in the usual way: the standards will just get lowered.
    — Member comment in response to a story about a Texas officer who didn't pass a firearm test and was recently convicted of negligent homicide.

  5. Weapon: $500, Ammo: $30, Knife: $175. Having all this stuff, the peace of mind that goes with it, and never needing it but once. . .priceless.
    — Posted in response to report of a Tex. officer who successfully defended himself against a robbery suspect who pointed a gun at him.

  6. Can you imagine what those cops who shot at that killer and missed are going through right now? I don't know how hard of shots they were but it motivates me to train, train, train so I never have to live with that burden..."
    — Posted in response to reports that the shooting death of two auxiliary NYPD officers was "minutes from being prevented."

  7. ...I dare ya...call me bucktooth ONE MORE TIME!!!!
    — Written in response to a report of a badger loose in the sergeant’s pants.

  8. A long time ago, a wise old salty dog sergeant told me 'I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.' Y'all can't be afraid to go out and DO your job.
    — Written in response to P1 columnist Ken Wallentine's article, How to ensure your use of force is 'reasonable & necessary'.

  9. Now is the time to prepare. Now is the time to train and have the equipment readied for the fight. Officer safety does not supersede citizen safety. You, the armed LEO, have been trained and provided with protective equipment. You have the ability to protect yourself where as the citizens we protect do not. As John Giduck says, "If not you then who?" Bring to the fight to the fight and prevail!
    — Written in response to P1 columnist Rick Armellino's article on training police to respond to active killing by following very controlled, methodical and well-choreographed tactical procedures.

  10. She was responding to a possible drowning for God's sake. Didn't she realize that meant WATER would be present?
    — Member comment in response to a story about a Fla. officer who injured herself responding to call and wanted to sue the family that called 911

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