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Gamber-Johnson Introduces Industry-first Magnesium Alloy Docking Station for the Panasonic Toughbook 30 Computer

Integrating the Metal of the Future into Gamber-Johnson Innovative Line of Docking Stations

Stevens Point, WI – Gamber-Johnson, renowned manufacturer of rugged mobile docking stations and vehicle mounts, announces the release of the industry first magnesium docking station designed specifically for the Toughbook 30 computer. “As the industry leader in rugged vehicle docking stations, using new materials and product design processes is a natural part of our commitment to innovation at Gamber-Johnson,” comments Jeff Greene, President of Gamber-Johnson. “Over the last year, extensive research was conducted on materials, design, engineering, and customer expectations to assess industry needs, as well as the applicability of offering docking stations composed of magnesium alloy. Our analysis proved magnesium alloy easily meets Gamber-Johnson’s extremely high performance and durability standards, while providing our customers with an attractive, lightweight alternative that is just as rugged as its steel counterpart.” Gamber-Johnson will utilize the magnesium alloy AZ91-D, which contains aluminum and zinc as the primary alloys. Magnesium AZ91-D is the most appropriate metal of choice because it:

• has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all structural metals, except for titanium
• is exceptionally rugged, as well as dent-and-stress resistant
• can be die-cast into very thin-gage, complex geometric structures at very exacting tolerances
• presents a smooth, user-friendly surface that blocks electromagnetic interference (EMI), especially at higher frequency EMI used for commercial applications
• readily dissipates heat and absorbs energy that dampens vibration and reduces noise
• is readily recyclable, abundant in nearly inexhaustible quantities, and extracted without non-toxic and nonpolluting byproducts

The most critical benefit of magnesium is that it is very light, yet exceptionally strong. The patent pending magnesium CF30 docking station only weighs around six pounds, so it is less top-heavy, less likely to vibrate and compounds the strength of the mounting solution as a whole. That means less wear and tear on the computer and its connections.

“We’ve thoroughly researched magnesium alloy for over a year,” adds Jason Lewandowski, Vice President of Engineering. “We walked away from this research knowing that magnesium really is the metal of the future and it will provide numerous cost and performance benefits to our customers. In addition, the new material is in harmony with our green initiative to develop products that are eco-friendly and RoHS compliant. It’s a win-win situation for everyone to offer products that are readily recyclable, cost-effective, rugged, and high performing.”

Concludes Greene, “The recent acquisition by Leggett and Platt (L&P) has also given Gamber-Johnson access to expanded capabilities, technologies and global resources that will enhance our ability to diversify our product line and further differentiate our products from the competition. This new product is a perfect example as the magnesium die casting is done by one of our own companies under the L&P umbrella. Utilizing our expertise in mobile computing and L&P’s resources, Gamber Johnson will continue to develop innovative and cost-competitive products for our customers.”

Gamber-Johnson’s white paper entitled, Magnesium, Metal of the future: Evolutions in Technology Bring Innovations to Design: Applicability of Magnesium Alloy AZ91-D for Rugged Docking Stations, is available to the public. For complete CF30 MAG dock product specifications, visit Gamber-Johnson’s web site at www.gamberjohnson.com.

About Gamber-Johnson
In business since 1954, Gamber-Johnson is the undisputed market leader of rugged docking stations and vehicle mounts (Mobile Device Accessories: Global Market Demand Analysis, VDC, June, 2007), and a member of the Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products (CVP) Group. Customers of all sizes – state and local governments, transportation, field service organizations, and mobile professionals – rely on Gamber-Johnson's vehicle mounting systems and docking stations on a daily basis and associate the Gamber-Johnson name and products with quality, safety and reliability. As a result, Gamber-Johnson vehicle mounting systems are installed in thousands of fleets worldwide. www.gamberjohnson.com.

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