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Greater Cincinnati PR Firm To Assist Cincinnati Police Museum

Cincinnati Police Historical Society Wins Eisen Management Group's "Operation: Outreach 2008"

NEWPORT, Ky. — Yes, there is a Cincinnati Police Museum. So, after reviewing nearly 200 submissions for Operation: Outreach 2008, Eisen Management Group has selected to award pro bono marketing and public relations assistance to the Cincinnati Police Historical Society and assist them in the media and community relations activities, as well as endowment development efforts.

As a regional museum honoring more than 60 police agencies that serve the entire Greater Cincinnati area, the Cincinnati Police Historical Society showcases through the museum that law enforcement history is community history, and that police help to make a community a better place to live and work. The museum, established in 1999, officially opened in 2006 and has hundreds of displays that depict the proud heritage of the Cincinnati Police.

"We are thankful that EMG has taken the time to help us boost the awareness and assist us in our development efforts," museum director Alan March said. "The assistance from EMG will help us in keeping the memories and the actions of the wonderful men and women that have served this great city alive and well, and enable us to do even more. EMG is a fine organization, and we are proud to align with such a fine group of talented individuals."

EMG president Rodger Roeser explains that the Greater Cincinnati based public relations firm will work with the museum to establish foundational pieces that are more "up to par" with professionally developed marketing collateral items, as well as a redevelopment of their website, media and community relations, and assistance in the development of the museum's endowment.

"The men and women in blue have done so much for this community, and it just seems right that we are able to honor them through this museum," Roeser explains. "In the overall scheme of things, our jobs just feel so small when compared to the individuals that really matter and really make a positive difference. We are grateful to be in a position that we can give of our talents to make a difference."

Eisen Management Group has committed a total of $50,000 worth of public relations and marketing hours towards the seven Operation: Outreach 2008 winners.

About The Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society
Established in 1999, the Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society opened the Police Museum in 2006 to showcase and display the proud heritage of public service of more than 60 police agencies that serve throughout Greater Cincinnati. The museum, located at 959 W. 8th Street, is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is free and open to the public. More information can be accessed at www.gcphs.com or by calling 513.300.3664. The group is currently seeking both monetary and historical donations for the museum. Memberships are also available.

About EMG
With offices in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio, EMG is a privately owned branding and integrated branding communications firm that specializes in developing marketing and communications programs for business seeking growth, fresh and creatively strategic marketing ideas and concepts, and marketing communications implementation. More information can be accessed at www.BestCincinnatiPRFirm.com or by calling 859.291.4302. EMG - Let's Make Some Waves.

Source: Eisen Management Group

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