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Apollo Video Technology, Zonar Systems Deliver GPS Synchronized Video Surveillance for Santa Monica School Buses

WOODINVILLE, Wash.—Woodinville’s Apollo Video Technology (www.avt-usa.com) and Seattle’s Zonar Systems (www.zonarsystems.com) have teamed-up to provide a highly accurate GPS synchronized data and video surveillance system to be installed on-board school buses of California’s Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

The two Seattle-area companies, through a contract awarded to Apollo Video Technology, will deliver the onboard surveillance solution for the district’s 25 buses utilizing Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology and an on-board video and audio camera recording system.

Once operational early in the 2008-’09 school year, the surveillance system will help the district better provide for the safety of its students and drivers, reduce costs associated with vandalism and help track buses during severe weather emergencies.   The system will also help public safety officials react instantly to on-board incidents such as medical emergencies and breakdowns.

“GPS enhanced surveillance systems are becoming more of a necessity for school districts as we continuously look to reduce maintenance and repair costs and better provide for the safety of our students and drivers,” said Neal Abramson, Director of Transportation for Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.  “We selected Apollo and Zonar’s system based on overall cost effectiveness and features.  The system will also go a long way to putting the concerns of parents and staff to rest during the weather related emergencies that are common in the Malibu area.”

AVL technology, now common in the transportation industry, utilizes GPS to deliver the accurate location of each school bus as it travels along its daily route. The precise location of each bus is then matched with information collected on-board such as time, speed, route and other events such as the activation of wheelchair lifts.

The combined data is then matched with video and audio content that is captured by Apollo Video’s RoadRunner system, and transmitted through a secure wireless link where district and public safety officials can view rider and driver activity and bus operation.

The 132-year-old Santa Monica Malibu School System, with over 11,900 students attending 15 schools, serves nearly 85 percent of all school-age children living in Santa Monica. The district’s transportation department transports over 500 students to Malibu schools and over 250 students to special education programs throughout the district.

In 2007, Apollo Video Technology was selected to provide digital video and audio surveillance systems by a number of prominent public agencies throughout North America including Chicago Metra, Kansas City Area Transit Authority, Tulsa Transit, Williamsburg Area Transport and Tacoma Public Schools.

Over 60 school districts including Tacoma SD (Tacoma, Wash.), Lane County SD (Eugene, Ore.), David Douglas Public Schools (Portland, Ore.), Tulsa Public Schools (Tulsa, Okla.) and North Kansas City Schools (Kansas City, Mo.) have selected Apollo Video to provide video and audio surveillance systems.  Over 150 public agencies, including Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority, City of Lincoln Nebraska and the Cocoa Beach Florida Police Department have selected Apollo Video.

About Apollo Video Technology
Apollo Video Technology (www.avt-usa.com) is a leading manufacturer of on-board and in-car digital surveillance systems for pupil and public transit, law enforcement, military, freight transport, fire and EMS applications. With government and private-sector installations throughout North American and worldwide, Apollo Video’s Mil-Spec and SAE rated RoadRunner line of turnkey video and audio systems simplifies real-time video capture and reduces overall costs with exceptional quality, durability and easy offloading of video.

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