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Police to Check Safety of Commercial Vehicles During Operation Roadcheck, June 3-5

HARRISBURG, — State and municipal police in Pennsylvania will participate next week in an international program aimed at taking unsafe commercial vehicles off the roads.

"During Operation Roadcheck June 3-5, highly trained and certified State Police personnel and municipal officers will be stopping commercial vehicles around-the-clock to inspect safety equipment and check drivers' licenses, endorsements and log books," State Police Commissioner Jeffrey B. Miller said.

During last year's Operation Roadcheck, State Police inspected 2,795 commercial vehicles and found 28 percent were unsafe to operate. "Those vehicles were removed from service until they were brought into compliance with state and federal regulations," Miller said.

Officers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico will participate in the annual program, which is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. CVSA is a not-for-profit organization whose membership includes law enforcement and safety officials, truck and bus companies, industry associations, insurance companies, commercial vehicle drivers and others dedicated to highway safety. More information about the organization is available at www.cvsa.org.

Source: Pennsylvania State Police Department

Cpl. Linette G. Quinn or Jack J. Lewis, both of Pennsylvania State Police Department, +1-717-783-5556

Web Site: http://www.cvsa.org/

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