Baton carries: A visual deterrent


The impact weapon is one of the oldest force options for an officer, and provides the officer with a professional — and positive — visual deterrent. How the officer carries his or her baton can, in some cases, either de-escalate or even escalate a situation.

Remember: The impact weapon is one of the only force options that is visible throughout the use of force continuum. The mere presence of the officer, from the time the baton is in their holder, to the moment they remove it from the holder and carry the baton, is a show of force.

This tactical tip by Dave Young will show how various carry methods, from One Hand, Two Hand, Baton Rest and Port Arms Position, Command Carry, Low Profile, can help maintain that professional visual deterrent.

Dave Young writes on a diverse topics dealing with crowd management, chemical and specialty impact munitions, protocol and selection of gear and munitions, ground defense tactics, and water-based defensive tactics.

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