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New Version 5.0 Firmware Upgrade Adds Encryption to the WatchGuard DV-1

PLANO, TX — WatchGuard Video announced today that they have released Version 5.0 programming for the industry leading WatchGuard DV-1 digital in-car video system. The new system firmware is the first major software upgrade since May of 2007, and it is being provided free of charge to every WatchGuard customer by CD. Upgrading the WatchGuard DV-1 is done by simply loading the CD and the new programming applies to both 1st and 2nd generation DV-1 camera systems.

Encrypted Disc Authentication Verification
After the upgrade, DVD-Video discs recorded by the WatchGuard DV-1 camera system will contain 128-bit encrypted information that is embedded into the video stream. The new WatchGuard DVD Manager Utility 3.0 software program can reveal if the video on the DVD has been modified since it was originally recorded. Encrypted discs will still play on regular DVD players, but the scheme makes re-writable media absolutely secure, and provides a tool to prove in a court of law that the video recorded is original and unaltered.

Additional Features and System Enhancements
Version 5.0 adds many other features including a new fully-automatic Night Mode, a Covert Recording Mode, and Event Tags that support the new WatchGuard Critical Event Server software. Event tags allow officers to identify recordings by the type of event, suspect gender, race, license number, case numbers and more which allows users to organize, search, and report on all video events checked in to the server. In addition to improved system performance, Version 5.0 more efficiently manages system memory and files, and improves DVD-Video authoring to increase playback reliability.

DV-1 Engineering Development Exceeds $10 Million
WatchGuard Video leads the industry in research and development of digital in-car video products for law enforcement. “We have already invested over $10 million of engineering into the DV-1 which has made it the most sophisticated, capable, and engineered digital police in-car video system in the industry. In the future, we plan to continue development on this platform by adding additional software features and capabilities that will be provided free of charge to all of our customers” stated Robert Vanman, President & C.E.O. of WatchGuard Video. “Most products we compete against have been developed on budgets measured in only hundreds of thousands of dollars. When honestly compared to competing products, the WatchGuard DV-1 stands out like an F-15E fighter jet in a field of Cessna aircraft.”

About WatchGuard Video
WatchGuard Video, headquartered in Plano, Texas, is the nation’s leading provider of law enforcement digital in-car video systems. The company’s primary product, the WatchGuard DV-1, is a digital police in-car video system that records directly onto DVD-Video discs that play in regular DVD players. It is the only law enforcement product in the world that can create playable DVDs in a moving vehicle in real time.

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