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RAM Mounts Toughbox Console is Cost Effective Option for Officers

RAM has responded to shrinking budgets and a tighter economy by offering a product that is 30% lighter and 50% less expensive. RAM Mounts are made in the USA and are backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Toughbox™ Console is what every officer needs in his vehicle, www.ram-mount.com/mount/toughbox_mount.htm. This console will not only allow you to you to mount your radios and switches but you will also be able to mount ram peripherals for whatever it is that you need secured.

We also offer the same discounts with our line of 90 custom vehicle laptop stations fitting around 350 vehicles, www.ram-mount.com/nodrillsystems/nodrillbases.htm

You can also locate the closest reseller by visiting our website and clicking on the dealer tab, www.ram-mount.com

About RAM Mounting Systems
RAM Mounting Systems offers a full line of vehicle mounting solutions for a variety of applications.  Much of the product line features a patented rubber ball and socket technology which isolates and dampens shock and vibration making it an ideal choice for mobile applications.  For over a decade RAM has offered products that continue to meet and exceed expectations for quality and performance. Located in Seattle Washington, RAM products are manufactured with pride in the USA and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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