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Havis-Shields Introduces Latest Innovation, the IDLERIGHTâ„¢ Vehicle Idle Fuel Management System

SAVE FUEL!  Havis-Shields introduces their latest innovation, the IDLERIGHT™ Vehicle Idle Fuel Management System.  This hot new product will save vehicles immediate, and substantial fuel dollars. Municipalities spend millions on fuel used to idle vehicles that must keep their emergency lights flashing. Havis-Shields IDLERIGHT™ will monitor the battery’s condition and automatically idle your vehicle when necessary. IDLERIGHT™ will decrease engine wear and harmful exhaust emissions, lengthening the life of the vehicle. 

This product exceeds anti-idling regulations in most states and works with gas as well as diesel engines. Havis-Shields IDLERIGHT™ will allow you to focus on your job, not your vehicle. With IDLERIGHT™, you’re always on.  Contact Havis-Shields & start saving on fuel immediately.  Get Havis Equipped today!

For more information visit www.havis.com/idleright/.

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