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Public Safety Mobile Video Expert Chuck Garrett Joins Safety Vision, L.P. to Cultivate International Partnerships

Houston TXSafety Vision, a global provider of mobile video surveillance, has recruited Chuck Garrett as global business development manager. In this capacity, Garrett is charged with stimulating international partnerships, with a goal of deploying the company’s onboard surveillance camera solutions to an even broader worldwide clientele. These solutions have been utilized by police, transit, school bus, first responder, and other mobile fleets since 1993.

“Armed with 10 years’ experience in the police car video industry, Chuck is primed to help our public safety partners reap the fullest benefits of our PatrolRecorder™ in-car video solutions,” says Rex Colorado, Safety Vision’s vice president of sales. “Of particular interest to the public safety sector are our wireless video transfer and streamlined data management capabilities. Chuck is demonstrating to this sector how the capture, transfer, and archival of video and audio evidentiary data is simplified with our video viewing software, SafetyView®, and our digital asset management system, SafetyNet™.”

Garrett says he’s found his niche at Safety Vision: “I was attracted to the company’s dynamic entrepreneurialism and visionary professionalism. These are seasoned veterans with a firm grip on their clients’ current issues and a keen eye on their future needs. They’re providing the innovative, user friendly products and technology that are on the top of law enforcement’s wish list.”  

At Motorola for 10 years, Garrett was a top selling account executive and subject matter expert for public safety mobile video technology. Garrett spurred a territorial sales increase of 50 percent and also served Motorola as distribution manager and senior sales manager. A native Texan, Garrett graduated from the University of Houston.

About Safety Vision, L.P.
Serving transit, police, school bus, and other public and private sector fleets since 1993, Safety Vision provides comprehensive mobile video solutions that enhance visibility, improve safety, protect assets, and reduce liability. Systems include onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems. Components include mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs); rear-, side-, and forward-view interior and exterior cameras featuring infrared technology; video-viewing and –sharing software; and in-cab monitors. Advanced surveillance system technology enables the secure capture, automated wireless download, and simplified backend management of video, audio, and other evidentiary data. www.safetyvision.com

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