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Introducing SMART 800+ Speed Trailer from Kustom Signals, Inc.

The SMART 800+ is the newest addition to Kustom Signals’ line of portable, self-contained speed trailers.  Featuring an 18” full matrix LED display with an MUTCD conforming speed limit sign, the SMART 800+provide maximum visibility up to 1250’.

A Slow Down violator alert, Red/Blue lightbar violator alert, statistics data computer,  changeable speed limit sign, traffic management arrows and a single cycle on/off timer add to the effectiveness of the SMART 800+.  A Kustom Signals’ DRU III directional radar unit is integrated into the sign, protected from the weather.  Remote programming is available using a push-button key fob.

The SMART 800+ is covered by a two-year warranty on the display, electronics and radar.

About Kustom Signals Inc.
Established in 1965, Kustom Signals Inc., a Public Safety Equipment Company, designs and manufactures a complete line of speed enforcement, speed awareness and in-car video systems for law enforcement agencies.

Visit www.kustomsignals.com for more information.

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