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Introducing the XPS-G2 X-treme Ballistic Shield from Patriot3

Announcing Patriot3’s newest innovative addition to its X-treme Protection Series of ballistic shields. The XPS-G2 incorporates Patent Pending features that significantly improve shield mobility and transportability. One of the key features of the G2 is its ability to fit through doorways and then, with the push of a lever, expand its Ballistic Wings to provide the widest area of protection available by any high threat level protected shield.

The XPS-G2 is available in Threat Level NIJ 3 and NIJ 4, measures 75” H x 31” W (base unit dimensions) and is available with such options as Ballistic Extension Wings (available in 12” (NIJ 3&4) and 18” (NIJ 3), Gun Port and LED Light System. The XPS-G2’s unique A-Frame support structure provides excellent stability and mobility and collapses for quick and easy transport.

The XPS-G2 is the ideal multi-use protective device for stationary and mobile response. This product has a US Patent Pending Status and Patriot3 is the Sole Source Supplier for the XPS-G2. Attached you’ll find Pictures of our newest product. For more information, contact Patriot3 via email (info@patriot3.com) or by phone-540-891-7353.

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