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Troy Products Designs New Crown Vic Theft Prevention Plates

The fleet manager for L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, asked a deputy to test how easily (or not) it is to break into a Crown Vic trunk. Using just a hammer, his deputy was able to have the trunk open in only 7.5 seconds! Since this department carries weapons in the trunk, finding a fix was of utmost importance.

They visited TROY to discuss finding a solution. TROY designed a plate that, when installed in a particular way, proved to be an impenetrable fix. You’ll see in the video how easy it is to break in when there is no plate, and then how impossible it is to break in after the plate is installed.

The part number for this new Crown Vic tail light plate is AC-CV-LTPLT. Each pack contains two plates.

Click here to watch the video

For more information, please call (800) 700-8769.

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