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AgencyWeb® Administrator Public Safety Workforce Software Now Includes Special-Duty

Dallas, TX – Orion Communications, a provider of public safety software, today announced the expansion of its AgencyWeb Administrator softwareto include special-duty job management.  With Administrator, officers can now enter their own special-duty job requests from external employers or internal supplemental assignments and automate the entire approval process.

Using the special-duty functionality, officers can enter basic information for new employers and agency administrators can control employer modifications.  Employer locations can be classified by agency Beats for integration updates to CAD, Council Districts for reports to Council members and Agency Divisions for internal tracking.  Easy configuration settings can be applied for unlimited types of special-duty jobs and associated agency equipment.

With Administrator’s workflow approval management, paperwork is reduced and time saved routing special-duty requests through to final resolution.  Automatic notifications are generated in real-time to supervisors.  And since Administrator is a centralized solution accessible throughout the agency, all special-duty activities are tracked and viewed within each employee’s base record.

Administrator is unique in that it uses workflow automation to push responsibility to perform to the right person -- whether it is an officer, supervisor or upper management,” states Orion President Leslie DeLatte.   “By taking this approach, technology is being used to streamline administrative and business operations.  This eliminates redundancies and removes unnecessary paperwork – not to mention the need to hire additional administrative personnel.  So by using technology to increase productivity and reduce costs, agencies can be run more like the businesses they are.”

AgencyWeb Administrator is part of Orion’s Resource Suite and includes personnel, scheduling, training, asset and applicant applications.

About Orion Communications, Inc.
Orion Communications is a women-owned business enterprise headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has been specializing in Judicial and Law Enforcement software products for municipal, county, and state government agencies since 1998.   Orion’s AgencyWeb solution includes a suite of integrated applications that automate, monitor and control public safety processes. 

For more information, please visit www.orioncom.com; or contact Tracy DeLatte at 214-361-1203, Ext 2401 or at tdelatte@orioncom.com.

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