Was 911 slow to aid Chicago cop under fire?

Editor's note: Another Chicago Sun-Times article reports that Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis on Friday denounced as “reprehensible” — and demanded severe punishment against those responsible for — a 911 dispatch delay that left an off-duty police officer to fend for himself while being shot at by a car filled with alleged gang members. "This incident is just reprehensible. We had an officer [who] needed assistance and he didn’t get it…on the street….He was pretty much on his own for quite a few minutes…He had to go to [a police] station and that’s where he received assistance,” Weis said. “This just can’t happen. This isn’t something where something minor was going on and we were a little late in responding. Dispatchers basically hold our men and women’s lives in the palm of their hand. And when mistakes happen like this, people can get hurt. Luckily, no one did. But, this is a big deal.”

City probing what took so long to help off-duty officer