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Dallas Police Department Marks 3rd Successful Year Using AgencyWeb® Administrator for Employee Position Bidding

Dallas, TX – Orion Communications, a provider of Public Safety software, announces that the success of the position bidding solution provided with AgencyWeb Administrator has set a new business practice in the Dallas Police Department with the completion of its third annual assignment bidding for 2010. The first formal bidding process was completed in 2007, which allocated 1,434 officers into new job assignments. And now into the third year using Administrator’s position bidding functionality, officers have been able to process their own bids 100% without the need for any IT services from internal support groups or Orion.

The system provided by Orion’s AgencyWeb Administrator system is fully automated and easy to implement. Each officer is assigned a window of time in which to make their selection. Officers are notified of the specific date and time when their bid becomes active. Bid selection hours are defined by the department. Using AgencyWeb Administrator’s bidding technology, Dallas Police Department employees are now able to directly bid on annual assignments as well as days off, vacation days – and even the supervisor they’d like to work for based on slot availability. This has given Dallas Police employees much more control over their own schedules and has created a more flexible staffing environment. And because the process is part of the AgencyWeb workforce system, the Department has saved scheduling time and has better tracking capabilities throughout the entire bidding assignment process. Administrator is part of Orion’s AgencyWeb Business Management System, which also includes the CourtNotify Electronic Subpoena System and the AutoTIER Towing, Impound and Electronic Reporting System.

About Orion Communications, Inc.
Orion Communications is a women-owned business enterprise headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has been specializing in Judicial and Law Enforcement software products for municipal, county, and state government agencies since 1998. Orion’s AgencyWeb solution includes a suite of integrated modules that automate, integrate, monitor and control public safety processes.

For more information, please visit www.orioncom.com; or contact Jackie Belasky at 337-852-3455 or at jbelasky@orioncom.com.

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