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2010 International Terrorism and Organized Crime Conference

This five day conference is P.O.S.T Certified NA and you can receive up to 32 hours of post credit.  All California attendess which fill out the College application will receive Santa Ana College credits, and Deputy D/A’s can receive MCLE hours for classes which are MCLE approved.  This is co-sponsored by the Orange County D/A’s Office and they’re a State Bar of Ca. approved MCLE provider. 

  Attention:  Those attending from STC participating agencies seeking credit, please contact your training manager regarding receiving STC credit for this conference.



  The Asian Gang Investigators’ Association of California (AGIAC) will be celebrating their 21st Year Anniversary (1989-2010), since the inception of the association. AGIAC has elected to host its conference in the City of Anaheim. “2010 International Terrorism and Organized Crime Conference” with the central theme of “United Front” will be presented by national and internationally recognized experts in Terrorism and Organized Crime investigations.  The conference venue will be at the Disneyland® Hotel, Anaheim, California and held on August 2-6, 2010.  The conference will provide networking, training, and education on combating and preventing the rise of terrorism, organized crime, and street gangs.  We are anticipating 500 attendees from over 20 different countries and the 50 local states attending this conference. 

The five law enforcement agencies that will be co-hosting the conference are: Anaheim Police Department, United States Postal Inspection Service, Internal Revenue Service/Criminal Investigation Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Western States Information Network (WSIN).

The Asian Gang Investigators’ Association of California (AGIAC) (www.agiac.com ) was founded in 1989 as a non-profit organization to foster relationships and networking among the various investigative units working Asian crime and gangs throughout California.  Over the years, AGIAC has grown to include members across the nation and internationally.  Membership is limited to law enforcement personnel, including corrections, prosecutors, parole, and probation.  AGIAC interacts with other law enforcement organizations across the country to assist in a coordinated strategy on investigating and prosecuting Organized crime, Asian gangs, Terrorism, and as a forum for training, and development of the exchange of critical information involving Asian criminal enterprises.  Since the 9-11 terrorist attack against our country, our association AGIAC has strived to better serves the needs of the law enforcement community by providing quality training in Terrorism and Organized Crime that will equip and assist members in combating this proliferating crime trend in a proficient and professional manner.   

 The training is open to all sworn law enforcement personal, including corrections, parole, prosecution and probation. Attendees must provide proper department identification, which is mandatory for admission.  Past conferences have been attended by 700-1000 law enforcement personnel from the United States and 20 other countries.   

 Registration Fees

Advance: $425
On-Site: $475

Conference Hotel:

The Disneyland® Hotel - Attendee Special Rate for Conference:  $ 155.00 per night

This price is good from July 28 thru August 9, 2010, upon availability.

Disneyland® Resort Tickets 

 Disneyland® Resort Ticket Special Pricing for Conference Attendees:  http://www.disneyconventionear.com/GDAH10A
All Disneyland® Resort Tickets need to be purchased through our conference website 10 days prior to the event.  No tickets will be available for sale on site at the hotel.  Tickets can be printed online after purchase.


If anyone is interested in being an instructor at our conference, please fill out the POST instructor resume, attach a small bio, attach a 2-hr expanded course outline, and email the information to Inv. John Choo at  john.choo@agiac.com  714-719-8261, if you have any questions.

 We look forward in meeting all of you at the “2010 International Terrorism and Organized Crime Conference”

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