Wash. deputy shoots three family members, kills self

Blamed in-laws for violence; wife had contacted department

The Associated Press

TACOMA, Wash. — Tacoma police say a Pierce County sheriff's deputy who fatally shot his in-laws and then killed himself told his teenage daughter as the violence unfolded that it was all the fault of his wife and her parents.

Police also revealed Thursday that Deputy Allen Myron's wife Sara had contacted his supervisor the night before the May 14 shootings to express her concern about his behavior. She has told Tacoma police that she had not told Pierce County sheriff's officers about her husband's suicide attempt last December or his other suicide threats. She told Tacoma officers she did not feel Myron was dangerous.

In conversations with sheriff's deputies after Monty and Sue Multanen (Mul-tannen') were fatally shot, Myron reportedly focused on his deteriorating marriage and his belief that his in-laws had turned his wife against him.

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