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New Rugged Notebooks Product Offers Solution to Mandatory FBI Compliance Guidelines

Rugged Notebooks’ introduction of their RNB Eagle notebook provides a complete solution to NCIC compliance as recently required by the FBI. It comes standard with the latest security features, including a biometric fingerprint reader and a SmartCard (CAC) reader. Additionally, Absolute Computrace enabled Bios allows departments to track any device that has been lost/stolen, as well as remotely delete or remove any/all information stored on the computer if it falls into the wrong hands.

“With the FBI issuing new compliance guidelines for NCIC access, many smaller police departments and law enforcement agencies are under tremendous pressure to find a solution that fits their budgets” said Alan Shad, president of Rugged Notebooks “The RNB Eagle is not only a rugged, hi-performance notebook, it is also fully compliant with the new security standards.”

The RNB Eagle is an all-in-one, low cost, tough solution for field officers everywhere and is proudly backed by the support of the rugged computing experts at Rugged Notebooks.

Visit ruggednotebooks.com/eagle for more information and to download a limited-time $100 off coupon! .

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