Video: Naked, sweaty woman steals squad car

By PoliceOne Staff

West Texas television station WOAI-TV today reported that a woman — naked, sweaty, and covered in dirt — stole two vehicles including a squad car. Sylvina Beagley began the incident by stopping beside the road, climbing into another person’s stopped vehicle, and taking off. The man whose car she stole pursued the naked woman in her abandoned car and called 911.

After leading officers on a chase, she crashed the stolen car and tried to run. Officers eventually caught up with her, but were unable to restrain her.

Captain Tom McLachlan of the West Valley City Police Department told WOAI-TV, “She did have blood on her body from the initial crash. She was hot and sweaty, dirty, and very slippery. She managed to escape the grasp of the two officers.”

The suspect then got into one of the police cars, and fled again. She later “failed to make a sharp left turn and the cruiser ramped off a berm and traveled about 50 feet before crashing to the ground hard enough to bend the vehicle s frame,” McLachlan told the Associated Press. The squad, according to McLachlan, is “a total loss.”

The AP stated further that “doctors do not believe drugs or alcohol led to the woman s erratic behavior” but this one sounds an awful lot like “naked-sweaty-meth-guy.”

Well, except for the “guy” part. Watch and comment below.

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