Detective, suspect killed in Warren Police station

Warren Michigan- A police detective and drug suspect were shot and killed wednesday during a struggle over a gun in police headquarters.

Warren detective Chris Wouters of the departments special investigations division was booking the suspect about 6pm in the detective holding cell when the suspect pulled a handgun and the pair fought, Police chief Jim Vohs said.

Mayor Mark Steenbergh and other city officials rushed to city hall and the hospital to pay their respects to the 42-year old Wouters' family. "Our hearts go out to the family Steenbergh said. "We are in shock to the bone.

Wouters is the first Warren officer to be shot and killed in the line of duty. Another officer, Edward Rea was killed in 1969 when his squad car was rammed in a chase.

Investigators would not say if the suspect took the gun from Wouters or had one hidden on him. Wouters was shot in the neck and died in St. john macomb hospital about 6:45pm. The 29-year old suspect, who had been arrested on a drug charge, died about 9pm in the hospital.

Wouters a 19-year vetran, is survived by his wife, son and two daughters. His younger brother Ken is a Warren detective.
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