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Federal Signal Introduces the DTX – Digital In-Car Video System

Dual-camera system amplifies benefits of digital technology with highest available resolution, extended pre-event recording, live video streaming, and intuitive software.

University Park, Ill. - Federal Signal’s Safety and Security Group, a leading supplier of audio and visual products for first responders, is introducing the DTX In-car Digital Video System.  The DTX is designed for mobile law enforcement applications, and is capable of accommodating the full scope of police activities from routine traffic stops and pursuits to monitoring of suspects in custody.

DTX In-car Digital Video System is equipped with two internal cameras for video recording to the front of the emergency vehicle and to the rear seat. Above the industry standard, DTX provides sixty minutes of pre-event recording which can be drawn from live memory just before an officer begins to record. The cameras can be activated to record automatically by a variety of methods, including the activation of lights and sirens, G-Force sensor, pre-configured speed threshold, release of gun lock or by manually activating the record button on the wireless microphone.

In combination with the two-camera system, are wireless microphones capable of performing up to a 1,500-ft line of sight range outside the vehicle and to record the suspects’ conversations in the rear seat of the vehicle for possible evidence. The DTX system’s standard wireless microphone offers 95 channels in frequencies from 2.400-2.483MHz, and has a range of a 1,500-foot line of sight with a 10-hour charge.
DTX uses digital technology to offer a higher standard of security and improved video quality over analog technology. With video software, DTX provides a greater degree of flexibility to simplify searches, viewing, transfers, storage and managing video files.

Capable of capturing, managing and storing video images, the DTX In-car Video System features a built-in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that can store up to 64 Gigabits of video locally. An optional DTX-Client software provides a GUI interface to law enforcement personal in the field allowing officers to view cameras live or search pre-recorded videos. The DTX-ADS (auto download software) downloads video from the mobile DVR via wireless or a wired network connection to a central location.

In order to manage video files more efficiently in the back office, the DTX-Command software simplifies search and review of recorded video files stored from all vehicles.  Teamed with a 3G network, DTX-Command software also supports live video streaming, thereby enabling computers at the station to monitor officers’ cameras in the field in real-time. 

Designed to provide law enforcement agencies with optimum flexibility, the DTX System provides the option of employing wireless Wi-Fi, hard-wired Ethernet, USB drive or removable hard drive for uploading video files to the server.  Other features include:  H.264 Video compression technology, built-in GPS, and SD card slot for mirror recording.

About Federal Signal
Federal Signal Corporation enhances safety, security and well-being of communities and workplaces around the world.  Founded in 1901, Federal Signal is a leading global designer and manufacturer or products and total solutions that serve municipal, governmental, industrial and institutional customers.  Headquartered in Oak Brook, Ill., with manufacturing facilities worldwide, the company operates four groups:  Safety and Security Systems, Technology Group, Environmental Solutions and Fire Rescue.  For more details about Federal Signal, visit: www.federalsignal.com.

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