Man suspected in execution shooting
of Maryland trooper arrested in New York
after massive manhunt

PoliceOne Staff Report
(NEW YORK) -- The man suspected of shooting an undercover Maryland state trooper last month in a drug deal gone bad was arrested yesterday morning in Brooklyn, N.Y., according to police.

After a massive manhunt, a team of federal agents cornered Kofi Apea Orleans-Lindsay early last night as he was driving a green Hyundai on Atlantic Ave. near the downtown area of Brooklyn. Agents trailed Orleans-Lindsay for 20 blocks before forcing him to stop, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Orleans-Lindsay was wanted for the first-degree murder of state trooper Edward M. Toatley in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 30 while the trooper was working for an undercover drug taskforce.

"It's a bittersweet day, but there's a big sense of relief," Col. David Mitchell, head of the Maryland State Police told the Washington Post. Mitchell said he Toatley's widow, Inez, "about 1 a.m. and bless her heart, she was crying. That family has been living in real fear. Maybe she'll finally get a good night's sleep now."

FBI Special Agents tracked Orleans-Lindsay down to the Riviera Motor Inn in Brooklyn where they said he'd been staying, according to the Post.

The next step will be to transport the suspect down to the District to stand trial.

Peggy Long, press contact in the US Attorney's office in Brooklyn said that a removal hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Friday to determine that the man in police custody is actually Orleans-Lindsay. Long said that this type of hearing in common when a suspect must be transported across jurisdictions. In the federal system there is no extradition between states, just removal. The only basis for denying removal is an inability to identify the suspect as the person who has already been legally charged in another federal district.

According to papers filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn, FBI Special Agent Gregory McHugh certified that the fingerprints of the man in custody matched fingerprints Orleans-Lindsay's prints on file with the bureau.

The shooting occurred when Toatley, attempting to perform an undercover drug buy was shot in the head by a man police believe to be Orleans-Lindsay. On Oct. 30, about 8:40 p.m. Toatley had scheduled to meet Orleans-Lindsay at the Tacoma Park Metro station in Washington, according to the arrest warrant. Undercover officers monitoring Toatley, as well as audio and visual surveillance equipment recorded Orleans-Lindsay approach the trooper's car.

The suspect then ordered Toatley to drive him to his "stash house" at 22nd and Douglas streets. The trooper gave the suspect $3,000 and waited for him to return with the drugs, the warrant states.

Although his face is not captured on video surveillance the arm of the killer appears to be wearing the same Gap sweatshirt that Orleans-Lindsay is said to have been wearing while he was riding in Toatley's vehicle. Police report that audio recording picked up Toatley saying, "Here he comes." And "Is everything alright?' which police believe was an indication that he recognized his killer.

Persons or organizations wishing to donate money to a Toatley memorial fund may do so by sending a check to The Children of Edward M. Toatley c/o Advance Bank 1405 East Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, MD 21239,Attn. Denise Fraiser.

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