Officer hurt, man killed in Alabama

(BIRMINGHAM, Ala.) -- A Birmingham police officer is recovering after being struck in the head with his night stick in a confrontation that started with a vehicle stop and ended with the shooting death of the suspect who had wrested away the baton from him, authorities said.

The unnamed officer was treated and released at Carraway Methodist Hospital after the early Sunday incident which occurred during a traffic stop in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham.

Birmingham Police, in a statement, identified April Reeves, 18 as the vehicle’s driver and Larry Reddick,28 as being in the stopped car. Reeves was placed in the officer's patrol car , “and shortly afterwards Reddick exited the vehicle and went to his Aunt’s apartment,” according to the statement. When Reddick exited the apartment a fight occurred during which Reddick struck the officer with his own nightstick and the officer, in self defense, shot and killed Reddick in self defense. Reddick died at the scene, the police statement said.

As is standard, the officer was suspended with pay as the shooting is investigated by the department’s internal affairs office and homicide unit, and the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office.

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