Police kill bank robber after shootout in suburban neighborhood

PoliceOne Staff Report
(EDINA, Minn.) -- Police shot and killed an armed bank robber after he wounded two officers and appeared to be prepared to shoot at more yesterday.

The man, whose name has not been released pending an FBI ID check, shot at Officer Michael Blood with a high-powered rifle, wounding the officer in the leg and stomach when the officer confronted him as he left the FirstStar Bank at 6900 France Ave. S.

The robber then turned his gun on Officer Billie Moir, who also responded to the call. Moir was not hit but sustained cuts on his face from a spray of broken glass when the robber shot out his vehicle's spotlight. The shots also disabled Moir's vehicle.

Moir told the Minnesota Star Tribune that the gunman "had absolutely no apprehension" about firing at police.

Police chased the gunman, who was driving a gray sport-utility vehicle without license plates, until his front tire blew out in a residential neighborhood at the 6600 block of Ridgeview Drive.

At this time the gunman got out of his vehicle and fired twice at police who returned fire, shooting the man in the head.

Area resident Sandy McGuan told the Tribune that she looked out the window while talking to a friend on the telephone and thought that someone had slid and fallen on an ice patch in the road.

"I was thinking, 'Oh, that man's car must have slid we must help him'" she told the newspaper, "All of the sudden I saw the weapon in his left."

McGuan grabbed her daughter and ran to the basement until the shooting stopped.

"We have an id, but we aren't releasing that information until we make a positive ID with fingerprints and dental records." FBI Special Agent Paul McCabe told PoliceOne.com. "We will also first inform the family."

McCabe did say that the man was not from the area and that he is checking with other Bureau field offices to determine if the man's modus operandi matches any other bank robberies across the country.

According to McCabe, the man walked into the FirstStar Bank shortly before 10 a.m., pulled out a handgun and demanded tellers put money into a plastic bag.

"It was a takeover style bank robbery. He had a plan and a well-thought-out escape route, but not good enough because the Edina police were able to stop him," McCabe told PoliceOne in a telephone interview.

At this time the agent said he believes the man acted alone.

Officer Blood was rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center where he underwent surgery, according to the Star Tribune. He remains in the hospital, but is expected to survive. Moir was treated for cuts to the face and released.

The four officers have been placed on administrative leave as per department procedure pending an investigation by the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department, according to spokeswoman Roseann Campagnoli.

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