Former trooper, two others indicted for allegedly tipping off mobster to FBI wiretap

(BOSTON) -- A former Massachusetts State Police lieutenant and two of his relatives will stand trial on charges that they obstructed federal agents' search for fugitive organized crime figure James "Whitey" Bulger, according to federal prosecutors.

On Thursday a federal grand jury indicted former state police Lt. Richard Schneiderhan, his brother-in-law, Edward Duff, and Linda Reardon, who is both Duff's daughter and Schneiderhan's niece, on charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of justice, the Associated Press reported.

Prosecutors allege that Reardon, a phone company employee, found out that the FBI was monitoring certain South Boston phone lines in their effort to capture Bulger, the AP reported.

Reardon purportedly told her father who, in turn, told Schneiderhan, reportedly a close friend of two members of Bulger's crime ring, Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi and John Martorano. Prosecutors also claim that Schneiderhan told Bulger cohort Kevin Weeks which lines the FBI was monitoring.

Weeks and Martorano are cooperating with police under a plea agreement.

"Massachusetts State Police have worked long and hard to help put together a case against Bulger and now it appears one of its former troopers was trying to undermine efforts to catch him," U.S. Attorney Donald Stern told the AP.

Reardon and Schneiderhan have pleaded not guilty.

"He's never committed a crime. He's never intended to commit a crime," James Duggan, Schneiderhan's attorney, told the AP.

Duff was arrested in Florida on Thursday and will be arraigned on Dec. 29, prosecutors told the press service.

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