Man sues county, alleging brutality

(WAUKESHA, Wisc.) -- A man sued two Waukesha County sheriff's deputies among others Friday, alleging a deputy beat him during an unlawful arrest and tried to prevent his injuries from being documented.

Tyson Olson, 26, of Waukesha filed a lawsuit Friday alleging civil rights violations including excessive force, unlawful arrest and deprivation of medical treatment. Named as defendants were Deputies Lloyd Smith and Mark Danielski, Waukesha County, the Sheriff's Department and the county jail.

Sheriff's Detective Steven Pederson said that Sheriff William Kruziki had not yet seen the lawsuit and could not comment on it. County Corporation Counsel Tom Farley said the county had reviewed the allegations previously and denied a notice of claim for injury.

"The allegations are ones that we will aggressively defend against, and we believe we'll be successful," Farley said.

According to the lawsuit, Olson was sleeping in his car parked in a Town of Vernon business lot when deputies illegally forced him out of the car, threw him to the ground and handcuffed him. Olson said he addressed Smith, who is black, with a racial slur, and Smith then "slammed" his head on the ground, hit him in the back and stepped on his head, the suit alleges.

Olson broke a tooth and had other injuries, and the deputies refused to allow hospital staff to take photos of his bruises, according to his lawsuit.

Danielski did not intervene on Olson's behalf, the lawsuit alleges.

According to the suit, photos taken in jail were removed from Olson's cell and he was refused medical treatment.

Olson was sentenced this summer in an unrelated case for operating a motor vehicle without the owner's consent, and last week he failed to return to the work-release jail where he was serving a term, court records show.

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