British police beam images of "most wanted" onto wall

(BIRMINGHAM, England) -- Massive projections of three suspected street robbers are to be beamed on to the side of a police headquarters as part of a high-profile initiative to combat the crime.

The 40ft sq images will be displayed on a windowless side of West Midlands Police's Lloyd House in the heart of Birmingham tomorrow afternoon.

Billed as the city's "alternative Christmas lights", it is part of the force's Operation Safer Streets campaign, which has already named and shamed its 10 "most wanted" robbery suspects on the Internet.

As a result of the web appeal, which was launched in September, four men on the list have been convicted of robbery offences.

West Midlands Police Chief Constable Edward Crew said: "We want everyone to know how seriously we take crimes such as robbery and the lengths we will go to in order to bring offenders to justice.

"Robbery is not a minor crime, no matter what scale it is committed on and offenders must realised this.

"Operation Safer Streets is a priority for this force and will run until we have significantly reduced the number of robberies in the West Midlands."

The images of 32-year-old William Dixon, Damian Vernon, 22, and Vincent Palmer, 34, will be visible to pedestrians in the Hockley area of Birmingham and drivers coming into the city from the M6 motorway.

Police said Dixon is wanted for questioning over an armed robbery at a Birmingham housing office while Vernon is alleged to have assaulted a man and stolen his laptop computer.

Palmer escaped from custody whilst on trial for armed robbery.

An existing poster campaign, "Pay As You Go: Up to 10 years free imprisonment available with every mobile phone, handbag, purse, wallet...", will also be shown on the building.

It is currently running on buses, taxis, in shops and on advertising hoarding across the West Midlands.

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