Need 20,000 rounds of .38-caliber ammo? Indiana department is having a sale

(ELKHART, Ind.) -- The Elkhart Police Department is looking for a law enforcement agency that may be interested in buying 20,000 rounds of old ammunition.

The decade-old bullets have been sitting in the department's storage room for about 10 years. The department doesn't need the ammo because it is used for .38-caliber revolvers, which Elkhart police no longer use. They now carry .45-caliber semi-automatic pistols.

The 20 cases of bullets are valued at about $2,400, Elkhart Police Chief Larry Kasa said.

Elkhart's Board of Public Safety told Kasa on Oct. 14 to use the Internet to find other police departments that may be interested in buying the bullets.

A few weeks ago, Kasa told the board he may discard the ammunition. But Kasa said there may be environmental issues because of the lead used to make the bullets.

Board members said since the bullets were purchased by taxpayers, the city should try to sell them to other police departments, not the public.

Tony Gish, armor and range master with the South Bend Police Department, said his department wouldn't be interested in the bullets because they are old and the department uses .40-caliber, semi-automatic pistols.

"What they ought to do is look at trading it back to a dealer," Gish said. "They may not get what they paid for it but they may get something."

A manager at a local gun shop said the ammunition should still be in good condition.

"As long as it's been kept in a dry place, away from moisture, it should be fine," said John Kaiser, vice president of the Midwest Gun Exchange in Mishawaka.

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