Kentucky rally tomorrow to protest police shooting

(OWENSBORO, Ky.) -- Local and state civil rights organizations, including the Rainbow Coalition are expected to rally tomorrow to protest the Nov. 16 shooting of an unarmed African-American man by a white police officer, the Evansville Courier & Press reported.

The Owensboro chapter of the NAACP has organized the protect over the shooting of Tyrone Clayton Jr., of Quincy, Florida. Clayton died after being shot twice in an incident that began with a traffic stop for reckless driving.

Clayton fled from the officer who had stooped him, then later drove another vehicle at the officer, prompting the officer to shoot twice, police said.

The FBI and Owensboro Police are conducting separate investigations. Civil rights activists want another police entity and not the local department to handle that probe.

Owensboro's mayor is recovering from surgery and will not attend the rally. He has told the Courier & Press that he has tried to keep community groups apprised of developments in the matter but the NAACP has refused to attend those sessions.

The Daviess County coroner has reportedly said that Owensboro police violated state law twice, first by moving the suspects body from the crime scene and then not notifying the coroner of the death until two hours after it occurred.

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