Three citizens pitch in, one with a tackle, in Mississippi

(PASCAGOULA, Miss.) -- Citizen involvement number one started it. Two suspicious men were in a residential back yard.

Officers responded to the call find the home burgled, but no suspects.

Citizen involvement number two. From two blocks away, another suspicious duo is reported. This time responding patrol officers found two men who didn't belong in the home. They managed to subdue one suspect and cuff him. The other got away.

The cuffed suspect is in the back seat of the squad car, complaining that pepper spray with which he was doused is causing breathing problems.

The officers cut him a break and roll down the back window. The suspect, identified by police as 19-year-old Brandon Ashford of Moss Point, manages to get his hands in front of him, open the door from the outside and roll out onto the macadam.

Enter citizen number three, who sees Ashford running down the street from officers. Citizen number three sacks the running suspect.

Capt. Jamie Hunter paid kudos to the three citizens but doesn't recommend tackling suspects.

"We don't want citizens to place themselves in danger," Hunter told the Sun Herald. "A lot of times what we really need is for someone who sees a suspect running to just point us in the right direction, and we'll do the rest."

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