Lieutenant could be charged for giving ride
to ex-chief; suspect killed when ride interrupted

PoliceOne Staff Report
(BELLEVILLE, Ill.) -- A police lieutenant could face disciplinary charges for having an ex-chief in his patrol car when he responded to a call that resulted in a suspect being fatally shot, it was reported. Lt. James Goodwin was not authorized to give a ride to former Police Chief Barry Biehl who was in his patrol vehicle when he shot and killed Dwayne R. Jackson, 20 after a brief chase, according to current Chief James Rokita, the News Democrat reported.

Goodwin and Biehl were eating dinner at a local diner at about 7:45 on Nov. 30 when two calls came in. Goodwin left Biehl at the diner for the first call, and was giving the ex-chief a ride home when a second call of an armed robbery in progress came in, the newspaper said.

Details of the shooting are sparse, but according to the News-Democrat Goodwin shot Jackson in the parking lot on East Washington Street near City Hall. Two other suspects, Reginald B. Moses, and Cornelius Edwards, were also arrested.

According to a local newspaper, maintenance worker Robert Kennedy saw Goodwin and Biehl standing over the body after the shooting. He said told the newspaper that no one checked Jackson's vital signs, but instead focused on trying to find a weapon.

"They spent about two and a half hours out in our parking lot, checking under cars, looking for a gun," Kennedy said.

Rokita did not say if a gun was found.

The president of the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter, the Rev. Johnny Scott, called the shooting questionable.

"An officer is not supposed to fire upon anyone unless his life or someone else's life is in danger," Scott told the News-Democrat. He said he doubted this was the case because only one shot was fired, he said.

The Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit has taken over the investigation.

"They are saying, `Look, we are probably going to do an (internal) investigation, but we want an independent investigation done with regard to this matter,' and I think that's the proper thing to do," Scott told the News-Democrat.

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