Cruiser with key left in ignition
is stolen in Maine, crashed in Massachusetts

(EVERETT, Mass.) -- By 7:30 a.m. Saturday, the cruiser had been spotted at least twice in southern Maine. About an hour later, Massachusetts State Police spotted the vehicle in Everett, Mass., some 200 miles from Bangor, and began a pursuit that ended near the Revere border when the stolen cruiser struck a MSP cruiser.

A Maine teen-ager faces a host of charges Saturday after he allegedly stole a sheriff's cruiser near his house and drove through three states before the law caught up with him in a crash that also involved a Massachusetts State Police cruiser.

Brian McCann, 17, of the central Maine town of Hermon, is accused of taking the cruiser from the town-owned garage where it was housed, Penobscot County Sheriff's Deputy Bill Laughlin told United Press International in a telephone interview.

"It's my understanding that there is some minor damage to the driver's door, there's two broken windows," Laughlin told Bangor television station WLBZ. "No one was hurt. That's what I understand at this point, which is very good."

Laughlin said that the cruiser had been locked, but that the key had been left in the ignition because of ongoing problems starting the car when the key is removed. He didn't know what McCann's motive might have been, but said the youth, who has a criminal record that includes theft, assault and burglary, lives near the garage.

Laughlin, who oversees a few deputies in a unit that is assigned to the small town of less than 5,000 under contract to the sheriff's department, said his staff was unaware the vehicle was missing until it was spotted in southern Maine.

When the deputy who used the cruiser for a detail Friday night arrived at the garage Saturday morning for his day shift, said Laughlin, "The door was wide open, the car was gone, there was glass all over the floor."

McCann remained in custody in Massachusetts Saturday night pending a court hearing Monday. Trooper Thomas Los of the MSP Revere barracks, said the charges against McCann in that state, where he is charged as an adult, include being a fugitive from justice, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, driving to endanger and assault with a deadly weapon. In Maine, he is charged as a juvenile with theft of a motor vehicle, burglary of a motor vehicle and burglary of the garage pending review by the district attorney. "He'll be going back to Maine when he's through here," said Los.

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Massachusetts officers nab Maine teen in cruiser joyride[HERMON, MA]

(HERMON, Mass.) -- A Maine teenager apparently targeted a deputy sheriff who has arrested him several times when he allegedly stole his cop car and took it on a three-state joyride that ended with a crash in Everett yesterday.

Brian E. McCann, 17, of Hermon, Maine, allegedly broke into a locked town garage and busted a side window to get into the locked cruiser, which had a key in the ignition. He left a note on another cruiser, but the cops haven't been able to make any sense of it.

"It was some kind of rock 'n' roll stuff," said Senior Deputy William Laughlin, who polices the town of Hermon for the Penobscot Sheriff's Department. He has arrested McCann on charges ranging from burglary to possession of drug paraphernalia, crossing paths with him as recently as two days ago in connection with a burglary.

"He's having a rough time through adolescence," said Laughlin. "I have talked to the kid a number of times. He's not a bad kid. He just short-circuited. Hopefully this will set him straight."

The cruiser was stolen about 2 a.m. yesterday in Hermon, which is near Bangor. Laughlin first heard about it at 7 a.m. when someone in Kennebunk reported a speeding cop car with a broken window and someone who didn't look like a cop at the wheel.

The joyrider stopped in York, Maine, to gas up and drove off without paying. Other reports came in from New Hampshire. Finally, on Route 1 in Revere, two Massachusetts state troopers who were on the lookout spotted the cruiser.

"The kid took off," said state police Sgt. Ronald Sieberg. The troopers followed the stolen cruiser to Everett, where the joyrider collided with two parked cars. He tried to back up and rammed a statie's cruiser behind him. No one was hurt.

"At that point I guess he just gave up," Sieberg said. McCann was charged with motor vehicle theft, failure to stop for police officers, driving to endanger, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - the cruiser.

McCann has pending burglary and theft charges in Maine, and will face new car theft and burglary charges there when Massachusetts is done with him.

By Jules Crittenden

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