Man allegedly allows 14-year-old girl to drive car;
then allegedly assaults officers who stop the vehicle

(RACINE, Wisc.) -- A Burlington man, 34, is facing charges of allowing a girl, 14, to drive and kicking police officers.

According to court records, Town of Burlington officers were on patrol Nov. 12 on Durand Ave. when they noticed a Cadillac traveling 18 mph in a 45 mph zone. They watched the car come to a stop in the middle of the road, and a Racine County sheriff's deputy stopped behind the car.

Police observed the driver, a young girl, switch places with the passenger, later identified as Eliazar Martinez Gaspar.

When the deputy approached the girl, asking to see her identification, Gaspar became upset and began yelling at the officers. Police told Gaspar that they had seen the girl switch seats with him, but Gaspar denied that she had been driving.

Gaspar was arrested for obstructing, but he kicked and head-butted one officer before being subdued, according to a criminal complaint.

Gaspar is facing one charge of battery to law officers and one charge of resisting an officer.

Charges Filed In Alleged Assault On Police
Jeanette Hurt Of The Journal Sentinel Staff Compiled This Report.
December 3, 2000 Sunday Zoned Edition
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December 3, 2000 Sunday Zoned Edition
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