Keep your cell phone number private

Submitted by:
Bryan Robben
Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, Ohio


I hate giving out my cell number to the general public when I am working because I don't want some dirt bag, badge bunny, or citizen who wants their own personal cop calling me all the time.

Well, Google Voice lets you set up a second number that rings to your cell phone (or any other line) and you can temporarily disable it any time you want from your smart phone or Google Voice Account. So it is like a personal work phone number that can be forwarded to your cell, but you can turn it on and off so it does not interrupt your off-duty time.

The best part is, it is a free service and uses the same account as a free Gmail service.

Google lets you view available extensions so you can customize your number — I used my badge number to help me remember it while at work.

Check it out.

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