LA civil rights lawyer who represented
man whose arrest started '65 LA riots
[Los Angeles, CA]

PoliceOne Staff Report
(LOS ANGELES) - Retired judge and civil rights attorney Stanley R. Malone Jr., who had represented the man who started the 1965 LA riots, has died.

Malone, who retired from the state superior court bench in 1991, died last Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

As a NAACP civil rights lawyer in the 1950s, Malone helped integrate the LA Fire Department, break down restrictive housing rules and helped to integrate Pasadena schools. As head of a black lawyers association called "The Langston Law Club" he represented Marquette Frye, whose California Highway Patrol arrest in August 1965 began a week of rioting in which 35 persons were killed and property damage of more than $200 million occurred.

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