Former sheriff gets 10-years federal prison
sentence for theft on drug money and drug dealing
[San Antonio, TX]

PoliceOne Staff Report
(SAN ANTONIO, Texas) -- The former Frio County sheriff who tried to deal marijuana to cover up stolen drug money has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. On Monday a federal judge ordered former Sheriff Carl Henry Burris, 53, to surrender to begin his prison term on Feb. 15. After release he will be placed on supervised release for five years following his incarceration.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Roderick L. Beverly told the Dallas Morning News that this sentence was a testament that no one is above the law.

"The corruption of any law enforcement officer is a tragic day for our criminal justice system, particularly when it represents the corruption of a high-ranking officer," Beverly told the Morning News.

According to reports, the lawman stole $5,900 of $11,700 seized by a deputy in 1994 during a routine traffic stop. Burris used the money for a trip to Florida and other personal expenses. Then, in order to replace the missing money he took 262 pounds of marijuana from the evidence locker and solicited a man working undercover with the FBI to sell it. The proceeds from the sale of the marijuana netted the sheriff about $5,300.

"This is just a sad thing," U.S. District Judge H.F. "Hippo" Garcia told the Dallas newspaper. "What he did was morally and legally wrong. But you just hate to see things like this happen."

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