Fast food workers serve deadly
Chalupas to Wisconsin sergeant
[Beaver Dam, WI]

January 1, 2001, Monday, First Edition
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Wisconsin State Journal
January 1, 2001, Monday, First Edition

(BEAVER DAM, Wisc.) -- Two men face charges after being accused of putting sink sanitizer in a Beaver Dam police sergeant's take-out order at a Mexican restaurant last month.

Keith E. Williamsen, 22, and James M. Yonkie, 22, are scheduled to appear Jan. 22 in Dodge County Circuit Court on charges of placing foreign objects in edibles.

According to the complaint, Sgt. Scott Bahr, who was on duty and in uniform, went to the Taco Bell Restaurant in Beaver Dam shortly before 11 p.m. Nov. 2 and ordered two Chalupas to go.

Back at the police department, Bahr noticed a strange smell, bit into a Chalupa and noticed it tasted odd, the complaint said, and when he bit into the second one, he observed the same smell and taste.

He immediately felt swelling and burning in his mouth, so he unwrapped one of the Chalupas, discovered a white powdery or granular substance mixed with the other ingredients and noticed it smelled like bleach, chlorine or some other chemical, the complaint said.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of a $ 10,000 fine and five years in prison.

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