Employee and customers
beat would-be robber
[Cushing, OK]

PoliceOne Staff Report
(CUSHING, Okla.) -- A gunman accused of attempting to rob a smoke shop is being held on $25,000 bond after an employee and his customers beat him and took away his gun.

Justin Bennett Harris suffered a fractured rib, a broken nose and assorted cuts and bruises from the beating, authorities said. He is charged with attempted robbery and is now behind bars in the county jail.

The incident began when Harris, brandishing a .22-caliber rifle, allegedly walked into the Mekesiwa Smoke Shop Wednesday and demanded that the cash drawer be opened.

The Associated Press reported that Fred Lomboy, an employee of the store, and his friend, Dustin Bingham, were ordered into the establishment's back room. When two other men entered the shop and were ordered to a back room, they apparently jumped Harris.

"We beat the hell out of him and took the gun," Lomboy later told a reporter.


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