Lawyer escapes jail
for resisting arrest conviction
[Billings, MT]

PoliceOne Staff Report
(BILLINGS, Mont.) -- A lawyer who was arrested for resisting arrest and impeding the duties of police yesterday escaped the 10-day jail sentence that first offenders usually receive for resisting arrest in Billings.

Randy Laedeke was arrested in June 1999 after interfering with police officers who were trying to break up a bar fight. According to police, Laedeke became verbally abusive to the officers and then fought with them as they tried to arrest him.

Laedeke was acquitted of obstructing a peace officer, but a jury convicted him of one count of resisting arrest, a misdemeanor violation that carries a six-month maximum sentence.

The lawyer, who requested a special meeting with the chief of police the night of his arrest and with judge on the next morning, received a suspended sentence. He was ordered to pay a $400 fine, $201 for police work hours lost during the trial and $1,290 for court costs.

"It's been my experience that everyone else would have gotten 10 days," Deputy City Attorney Moira D'Alton told the Billings Gazette after the trial.

Laedeke's attorney, Allen Beck, argued that his client was the victim that night and that the punishment was already too harsh.

"The only violence that occurred in this case is that inflicted upon him," Beck told the Gazette. "Randy Laedeke did absolutely no fighting that night."


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