Texas deputy shot for
second time in six months
[Corpus Christi, TX]

PoliceOne Staff Report
(CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas) -- Deputy Sheriff Rey Aguilar has been shot twice in the last six months, but says he still loves the job.

"It is a front row seat to everything that is going on in the world,” Aguilar told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. “It is almost like a movie. I just never thought it would be in 3-D."

A very real and dangerous 3-D movie.

The 14-year veteran officer of the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department found himself a human target again Saturday when he and another officer were hit by pellets from a shotgun fired from a window of a mobile home in Sandia.

The lawmen had been sent to the scene to assist Corpus Christi police after a woman called to say that her grandson was behaving irrationally, the Caller-Times reported.

Aguilar was hit by a pellet in the left hand and the other officer was struck in the chest area.

"I heard the first shot go off and I remember looking up and thinking 'here we go again,' " Aguilar told the newspaper.

"I wore my tactical vest, which is heavier than a regular bullet-proof vest,” Aguilar told the newspaper. “ I wore my tactical (bullet-proof) helmet in case I got shot in the head," And then I go and get shot in the hand."

On Sept. 11, Aguilar responded to a call to help caseworkers serve a mental commitment order on a 25-year-old man. The man shot Aguilar through a wooden door, with splinters and birdshot injuring his face and head.

“I did not even see it coming," Aguilar told the newspaper.

In that incident, Aguilar hid for four hours in the yard until other officers arrived to help him, the newspaper reported.

In Saturday’s shooting, the man who fired the shots at Aguilar and the other officer refused to come out of the mobile home for eight hours before eventually surrendering to a SWAT team.

Corpus Christi police had been trying to coax the man out of the mobile home and the sheriff’s department was called in to assist.

The 34-year old suspect finally surrendered and was taken to a hospital for mental evaluation. Sheriff’s officers said they intend to seek two charges of attempted capital murder against the man, the newspaper reported.


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