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WatchGuard Video Expands to New Facility in North Texas

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Following five years of consecutive growth, WatchGuard Video moves all departments to one large central location that will accommodate over 100 additional employees.

Allen, TX - WatchGuard Video has expanded from two smaller buildings to a new two-story, 65,000 square foot facility, which houses all departments—including engineering, manufacturing, sales and customer service. The new North Texas facility features an engineering laboratory, customer installation bay, pristine production space, state-of-the-art training room, even an employee game room and fitness center.

“In 2010 we exceeded all previous records in revenue, gross and net profits, and this was following a banner year in 2009,” says Robert Vanman, President, Founder and CEO. “Over the past few years the majority of our competitors have shrunk and incurred losses, and some have even filed for bankruptcy, yet at the same time WatchGuard has grown, increased profitability, and become the largest law enforcement in-car video manufacturer in the world.”

“As we expand our facility, we are also looking to expand our family of employees. WatchGuard is in constant search for exceptionally talented individuals,” says Vanman. “We believe that our impressive new facility plus our servantleadership culture will help us attract the additional talented and engaged employees we desire.” WatchGuard Video has enjoyed an extremely low employee turnover rate of less than 6% and was recently listed on the Dallas 100™ published by the SMU Cox Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship.

The Allen facility was selected for its attractive location, convenient access off State Highway 75, high-end construction, and its ideal layout. The new facility was originally designed for a Japanese semiconductor fabricator, and was extensively modified to meet the needs of WatchGuard Video and its customers.

Last year WatchGuard Video also launched the first and only true high definition in-car police video system—the WatchGuard® 4RE™ HD Wireless In-Car Video System. 4RE promises to revolutionize the server-based side of the market by providing 3.5X time better video quality while simultaneously lowering the total data storage requirements.

About WatchGuard Video

Founded in 2002, WatchGuard Video has become the worldwide leader of law enforcement in-car video systems. Headquartered in Allen, Texas, the company staffs the industry!s largest Research and Development department and has invested over $20 million specifically into the development of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement. The company!s three main products include the DV-1 (a direct to DVD solution), 4RE (a wireless, solid state serverbased system), and CopVu (a wearable camera system). All three of WatchGuard!s video solutions are currently in production and available for demonstration and evaluation. (www.WatchGuardVideo.com) 

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